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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Sweat With Chicago Teachers

I had to laugh when I read that one of the complaints Chicago teachers voiced, as they prepared for and went on strike, was a lack of air conditioned classrooms. I was not laughing at their predicament but at the universal condition of being "fed up."

You have probably had the same experience. The one where you put up with things and then put up with more things and you take it for a while and then a bit longer and then SNAP. Suddenly (and often over something not very significant) you can't take not even one more moment of stupidity or abuse or rudeness or disrespect or incompetence or discomfort or as is the case for the teacher's union all of the above. They've had it. They've had it with nonsensical evaluations, inadequate pay, junk science based value add measures, attacks on tenure and a lack of air conditioners and I feel uplifted by their courage.

As for sweating with my midwestern colleagues, last week temperatures in my room (coupled with the humidity) sent one girl home with heat stroke. Oh yes Chicago, I sweat with you and to prove it, I sent  $50 to your solidarity fund.

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