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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bed Bugs

This year bed bugs were found at my school.  And how were we instructed to handle this issue?

1) Capture the offending insect.
2) Send it for positive identification (to whom I don't know).
3) Assuming positive identification, wait two weeks to one month for an exterminator.

Doesn't that seem like an extraordinary amount of time to wait?  Students and staff could unknowingly bring the bugs home.

And if a teacher's home is invaded by critters carried from school, there is no fund to help pay for the fumigation or other related costs.  Not from the school district.  Not from the union.

Are costs associated with ridding your home of insects considered a tax deductible work-related expense?

And most importantly, now that I wrote this post, how long will it take for me to stop scratching at the imaginary insects on my legs?

Why a blog?

Whether it be to the verge of greatness or the border of despair, is there something specific that propels a person to do the abnormal?

Not in my case.  In my case, creating this blog (a very abnormal thing for me) was not the result of a single momentous event but instead, the accumulation of thousands of tortuous drops of stupidity, inefficiencies and missteps at every level of the educational field.  I'm fed up and this is my semi-tech-savvy way of screaming from my window (with homage to the movie "Network" and Twisted Sister), "I'm not going to take it anymore."

What you will find here is:
- accounts of the slings and arrows suffered by educational personnel
- commentary on so-called "educational reforms" and the people, groups, institutions that proffer them
- links to relevant articles, websites, blogs, commentary etc.
- the occasional rant