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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bed Bugs

This year bed bugs were found at my school.  And how were we instructed to handle this issue?

1) Capture the offending insect.
2) Send it for positive identification (to whom I don't know).
3) Assuming positive identification, wait two weeks to one month for an exterminator.

Doesn't that seem like an extraordinary amount of time to wait?  Students and staff could unknowingly bring the bugs home.

And if a teacher's home is invaded by critters carried from school, there is no fund to help pay for the fumigation or other related costs.  Not from the school district.  Not from the union.

Are costs associated with ridding your home of insects considered a tax deductible work-related expense?

And most importantly, now that I wrote this post, how long will it take for me to stop scratching at the imaginary insects on my legs?


  1. This is disgusting. Where exactly is this happening? Are parents complaining?

  2. Oh my God! I thought I was the only one. Summertime for me is also a time for vacation from the bed bugs. I've brought them home repeatedly from my classroom. In September I'm going back to wearing scrubs. I bought five pairs one year that I store in a sealed plastic bag at work. I change into them after taking off EVERYTHING that I arrive wearing into the school building. All of that stuff gets sealed tight in another plastic bag. Nothing that I wear from home that has to go back home comes into contact with my classroom or the children. For good measure I throw my coat or jacket into a hot dryer before I walk into the house.

    The other sure fire way to prevent this bed bug problem is to become an administrator.

  3. The school administration should be responsible in taking care of their students and faculty from getting infested by these bed bugs since they are known to transfer easily in different places. They should be authorizing people to control them through different measures like vacuuming or heat/cold treatments. They don't want to see kids and their teachers scratching and having skin rashes due to bug bites, do they?

  4. Waiting for two weeks to one month for the exterminator is indeed a long time already. There should be instant action to control these pests because they might become a source of various problems. The school admin is really responsible for this case, like Carlene here has said. Seven months passed already, and I hope the problem with the bugs in the school is already solved.

  5. The adult Bed Bug (BedBug) is a broadly Fumigators For Bed Bugs flattened, and a bit oval shaped, insect with greatly reduced wings.

  6. It’s important to get the exterminators immediately after the sight of bed bugs, or any other pests. The students might catch those bed bugs when they see it, but for sure they’ll be bitten first. We shouldn’t risk the health of the students and the faculty, right? Hope this problem has been solved already. Any updates? :)

    Christian Lewis @ BeelinePestControl


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